“The greatest honesty is nonsense; The greatest honesty is bravery; the bravery to unleash your nonsense into an unsuspecting world of order”

Alabama antiques of great uniquity
lashing out against grand imperialist opportunities

relinquish, rebuke at once
these operas of antagonistic fuck

Vietnamese portraits extent elasticity of plastic
encased in the granite of Mordecai’s hut

Blitz forgery
Verdad? Si, blitz forgery
con tus amigos de la sol

El gato embarrassado esta de bajo del caja
Una partido pequena
Nextdoor, el arbol de huevos

harmonious errands evacuate soul-implosions

remember remember remember dismember

She was all like “nuh-uhhh,”
and I was like, “mmmm-hmmmm”
…innocuous bitch

Desperado flea-flicker?
hot damn


spontaneous combustion lifestyle
fumigated elixir
pixilated caste-iron
knee-jerk responses
knee-jerk responses accelerate!

really historically accurate porno

magnify communion
extort tumult pluck nip
eviscerated salvia
mastication – masticate, we all do it
except for the invalids

Expository mukluks…


zagudabuda said...

yay!!!! thanks for the magic blog

Agent Jellie said...

I would like to hear you read this out loud, but especially- the last stanza.