"Peace" - An ABC Poem

Alienate eroticism from the “unwholesome club”

Bestow unto our


Delicacy as the new violence, the


Forging a new

Generation, where

Heroes wear silk, and

Indulge in metal covers of Bach




Mow the lawn and pay taxes, and

Never would the fear strike – that perhaps you’d feel more alive at war

Or that you’d do well to leave a

Piece of yourself in the

Quagmire trenches

“Riley” will be the name tattoo’d on your ass – but only if your name is Riley / and

Sand dollars will have pictures of our forefathers

Tailgaters will draw jury duty, and the

Universe will stop chasing its tail long enough to lick its balls


Waves crash the tenacious shore, and that is the only war we need.

“Xhibit Xtreme Caution” will be tattoo’d to the rotten skulls of Cleopatra & Helen of

Troy. An exhausting endeavor no doubt, but

Yawning will be the sport of only the most

Zealous dreamers

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