"Apt Termination"

If only I could be granted
some irony in my death

I need metaphor! I need apt termination!
I need “The End” by The Doors to be playing so loud I can’t hear myself worry
about where my consciousness will be hiding when my body yells
“Olly Olly Otzenfry!”
I need my Stars & Stripes bandanna to absorb the beads of morbidity trickling down my forehead
I need a green coffin with the word “furthur” on the front
in leopard print; the inside lined with the words
of Thompson
& Pinchbeck
& Cabell
& De La Rocha
in silk

I need my bloody fingerprints sliding down the shaft of my bong

I need “Chinese Democracy”
I need the Giants to win the pennant and the Rams to win the Super Bowl
I need Barry Bonds to
so my childhood can go back to sleep
I need to do cocaine with Bob Barker
and LSD with my Dad

and a kiss from my mom on the forehead

I need poetic justice
I need to go out like Scarface
but Flagler is my mansion
and poetry is my little friend

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