"Olympia, 2008"

Mobs of violent pacifists
war kittens
giggling with malice

forgotten rape
police tape like ellipses
forged sympathy

premature death
a quitter (in whom I collect empathy every day); greedy for rest, exhausted by failure,
if not her own…

defected peace, again and again,
as tenacious as tattoo’s – “hippie” does not come off

Dustin Hoffman at the bottom of a pool
adopting me by osmosis
What are we graduating to?

The grass is always
until you yearn for something orange
something bronze
something rendered mulatto by contrast like fickle skies

Someday I shall lust for the peace I have now
someday I shall lust for now
This blurriness is more precise in hindsight
and light is not instant, just fast. Very, very fast.

I will forget the blades of grass, remembering a lawn
I will forget the trees, remembering a forest
I will forget the Tuesdays, remembering the weeks
I will forget toil
when sweat takes on the scent of tawdry badges for a job well done

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