"My Watch"

Staring at my watch
I have stared at my watch, and I will continue to stare at my watch in the future
I spilled milk on my alarm clock - I can’t trust it anymore
If I stare at my watch closely enough, I can see the minute hand,
conquering it’s revolution.
Slowly, but surely.
Most assuredly
So important

Mama told me to do two things always:
Be honest,
Be on time
On time, never falling off

Palpable secret
of intersubjectivity
Depending heavily on the nature of activity

The girl in the weight room asks me, “Do you know what time it is?”
She must be worried she is falling off.
“Ummm,” I stare at my watch,
Jesus it takes me a long time to read the watch I spend so much time staring at
Panic…I must be stupid
But finally the code falls into place
“5:30!” I blurt out with a smile of accomplishment

She looks at me as though I have given her letters when she asked for numbers

“5:30? Uh, do you mean 6:30?”

I stare (yet again) at my watch. Yup, 5:30 alright

“Yeah, 5:30…does that not sound reasonable?”

“Well, I got here at 5:30…so…no.”

this poor woman...

“Sorry, I guess my watch is wrong…it must be 6:30.”

…it was 6:46.

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