New Words

Rivlachrip: [riv-la-krip]
An attachment to a previously existing instrument
An upgrade or advancement; to make such an upgrade
“I know I already showed you my new blender, but not since I rivlachriped it!”

Mixlington: [mix-lix-ing-tuh n] N
A setting which lends itself to memorable happenings;
A place remembered with fondness
“The old friends arranged a rendezvous at their beloved mixlixington.”

Shackslackle [shack-slak-uh l] Adj.
Silly and carefree in manner
“My young son tends to get a bit shackslackle after his morning nap.”

Quorkmorq [quork-mork] Adj.
Full circle; complete; symmetrical or harmonious
“How quorkmorq of the year to close with a snowfall.”

Flou: [flou] Interjection.
An exclamation between “Damn!” and “Hooray!”
A spectacle that would prompt such an exclamation
“Flou, did you know we have the 3rd best offense in the league this year?”

Grop: [grawp] Adj., Noun
Forecful; stern
“Cindy went home before the rest of her friends, at the request of her grop step-father.”

Snickshick: [snik-shik] V.
To cut oneself while shaving
“Ouch! I snickshicked myself this morning and it’s still hurting!”

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