"Looking Through Windshields"

I’ve been looking through windshields
I’m not embarrassed
but still this feels like a confession
a vicarious confession for all the voyeurs
My voyeur is licensed to drive by the state of Washington

some of the people in those windshields lower blinds that rest on their ears and shade their eyes with words like COOL or BUSY or RICH
others have unlocked doors and invite me to the pulp of their meals and conversations
but in either case
it is behind a windshield that many people simply lose themselves
in music or misery

I see stories driving by at 6 miles over the speed limit, or two miles under,
but the best stories correspond to all I cannot see through windshields
families and jobs and fucks and drugs and groceries so important they couldn’t be reached on foot
dark faces that had either the good sense or the bad fortune never to get here

some of the people in those windshields lower blinds
others advertise
but in either case
I am the voyeur
I look through windshields
I drive a razor sharp flagstaff into the tip of this mountain,
violently the fabric screams its neon-pink “V”
high above cameras and masks
fa├žade camps with oxygen tanks
networking novels that leak pages of plot holes
all ignoring the shadow cast
by the zenith peak above them
a windshield covered in snow
I’ve been looking for you all!