"Pat Croce"

"Keep The Weed Lit Up"

Both Tracks Produced By And Featuring
James Preiss AKA Don Jeezy Manifesteezy AKA Lord Jim


And on and on and on...

Because in every ending lies a beginning.

Creating havoc, out of what was once...

Deny me these licenses, and have thy vices put on, bitch-slapped for money. Like a mistress, vomiting secrets.

Eventually, you'll do it on command. You'll do it subconsciously.
Where does a flurry come from? I summon them from my God, while yours eats potato chips.
I'm feeling confident, son. Not cause I knocked you the fuck out
but because I didn't have to.

Feeling calm, too, focused like a wind
without a face over which to fret; without money to spend or hours to justify to
you or your pimp
you or your tears
you or your pulse
which I hear when

Guilty, impregnated by a dirty, dripping dick that follows prisoners such as myself as though we were sluts.

However, now, in this light,

I am free;
and now is a moment on which afterlives are delivered
(Reality is so "REAL" under these conditions,
it shatters my perception of it as something

Meditation On My Country

America is not a tolerant nation dealing with racism.

America is a racist nation dealing with tolerance.